Performance Construction

A performance contract is characterized by the client performed the project planning (develop construction documents such as drawings and descriptions) and then procure a contractor who undertakes to carry out the work in the file. Compensation arrangements is usually the contractor performing the work at a fixed price or on so-called current account. If the contractor hires subcontractors called he or she normally general contractor. The client is then responsible for the design, and the contractor solely for the performance will be in line with the client supplied documents. The standard applicable to performance-based contracts is AB (General rules for building, construction and installation contracts).


A turnkey contract is characterized by the contractor himself performs, or fails on its own behalf to perform, project planning. The client has to support usually given up any kind of simpler actions, where requirements on the intended function is apparent, but not exactly how something should be. Construction type is called, sometimes because of this function for construction. The standard applicable to turnkey contracts is ABT (General requirements for turnkey projects relating to building, construction and installation).

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